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Single Day

1 Day - Northwest Mountains Tour -
Northwest Mountain Tour - 130+ Miles About 6 Hours

1 Day - Hoover Dam Discovery Tour
Hoover Dam Discovery Tour - 100 Miles About 6 Hours

1 Day - Premiere Valley Tour -MOST POPULAR SINGLE
Premiere Valley Tour - 180+ Miles About 7 Hours

1 Day - Southwest Mining Tour
Southwest Mining Tour - 296+ Miles About 9 / 10 Hours


3 Days / 2 Nights
Light of Bryce Tour - 650+ Miles

3 Days / 2 Nights
High Desert Plains Tour - 800+ Miles

3 Days / 2 Nights - BEST 3 DAY RIDE!
Empire Canyons Tour - 750+ Miles

2 Days / 1 Night
Zion's Hidden Treasure - 500+ Miles

3 Days / 2 Nights
Zion's Hidden Treasure - 650+ Miles

3 Days / 2 Nights
Southern Utah's Wilderness Journey - 800+ Miles - (Seasonal)

Areas of Interest: Custom Group Tours
Bryce Canyon, Cedar Canyon, Capital Reef, Dixie National Forest, Grand Canyon North Rim, South Rim, Cedar Breaks, Eagle Valley, Zion National Park, West Zion Park, Historical Route 66, Sedona, Mining Town, Red Rock Canyon, Toiyabe National Forest, Valley of Fire, Hoover Dam, Oatman, California Cost, Redwoods, Sierras, Death Valley.

  • 2013 - Riding Season is over. However, there are detailed maps, free,  in the forum of every single one of these tours. Enjoy!
  • Contact Us for any questions.

More Images: Zion's Hidden Treasures, Kolob Terrace Road Overview, Other Tour Details

Zion's Hidden Treasure's are center around Zion National Park, not just in the park itself. Riders can enjoy a ride through the Mojave Desert through a few small towns to the destination area of Zion Park, beautiful meadows, cow ranches and great motorcycle canyon roads.

Depending on the option you chose for this particular tour will depend on the roads of the area we'll visit, be it 2 or 3 days. It can be done in one day but two days would be better and not as rushed.

Day 1 - 180 Miles - Day 1 involves our trip to the primary area of Zion National Park, taking advantage of park aspects both off and on the motorcycle.

Day 2 - 220 Miles - After breakfast riders can head to an area that's well concealed on the maps by park authorities as seen in the photos below. This is Zion's Hidden treasure, some 50 miles of beauty. After the 50 mile treasure ride we'll head to a 10,000 ft summit canyon ride that will most likely be cold or very chilly :) After the summit enjoy the long sweeping curves at a pleasant speed back to Zion and then......... Mt. Carmel Road, the main road into Zion park.

Day 3 - 180 Miles - After a nice breakfast head back into Vegas.

If this is taken as a 2 day trip, the roads are massaged in way we can enjoy the trip and get you back into Vegas without going over on time.

Grand Canyon - Zion National Park Tour The real beauty of Zion National Park isn't only measured at the main entrance of a very busy road. If that's all you see, much is unfortunately being missed.

Of course, since people live in other areas of the park, they certainly don't want a million cars traveling their local roads. So, we'll help keep them secret for now, hence Zion's Hidden Treasures.

Topographical Map

Superb beauty in every direction, around every corner and every hill.

Zion National Park - Hidden Treasure's. Zion's motorcycle roads aren't limited to the beautiful and very busy Mount Carmel main road, hitting some awesome nearby canyons will make the trip well worth it.

More Images: Zion's Hidden Treasures, Kolob Terrace Road Overview, Other Tour Details



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