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This is an interesting question due to the fact of whom it may serve. So, lets try and answer - "Why ride with Vegas Valley Motorcycle Guided Tours." Why take 3 or 4 days or more to ride with us, when you could pick up a map and figure some sort of ride out.

First, when you take a normal vacation, the thought is, "how long is it going to take get there so we can start enjoying ourselves, and how far is the destination." When traveling on a motorcycle it isn't the destination, BECAUSE as soon as you get on the seat of your motorcycle, you're enjoying the destination of traveling. The destination is actually the saddest time of the trip, it generally means the trip is over.

One time my wife and I went on a Salmon Fishing Trip up in Northern California, I planned it for months and it was in the area around the Klamath River of Northern California, where the water dumps into the ocean, and where the ocean breeze settles on the shores of the delightful, awe-inspiring Red Wood Forest. I did tons of research about where to go, and how to fish for Salmon. We only had about 2 weeks to get as much into our vacation as we could get. Like most people, we were on a limited budget of sorts.


It was also our 5th anniversary, so we wanted it to be memorable.
Kamp Klamath Fishing

We pulled a small 19' Roadrunner Trailer with us and stayed at Kamp Klamath (spelled Kamp). It was right up there with the nicest vacation imaginable. Kamp Klamath is a Salmon camp of sorts for RV Travelers with overnight camping for tents and large areas for groups. Every Friday they serve up a wing-ding of Salmon steaks and knee-slapping music that can be heard all over. It seems there is one gentleman, a very hard working man that does EVERYTHING around this place. Cuts wood, cleans bathrooms, works the general store, BBQ's, sings, plays guitar with a flair for western music and a BIG black dog follows him all over the place. Kamp Klamath has some of the most reasonable fees, like $10 or $20 a night - we couldn't believe it, including electricity, rv parking and water. We could have stayed at the RV, camping area - forever, as it's hard to let it go, even this many years later we still talk about the trip.

Anyways, ...

It was like being in Jurassic park. The woods were green and dense with ocean fog settling between the trees. We were surprised how the Redwood National forest stretches clear across Northern California. I always pictured it to be a few nice trees of unusual mammoth scale in a nice little park that someone was marketing for everything it was worth. Even my mother, growing up in Las Vegas, used to tell us stories about the BIG TREES around San Francisco. So, Kamp Klamath just happens to be right in the middle of it, along the edge of the ocean. Look at how the ocean fog climbs up onto the shores and up the rivers like a wall. It's weird how this makes you feel, surrounded by fog and on the river, it's like being on another planet. You can't see them but on the river you can hear the sound of birds coming from within the fog of the trees. Towards the afternoon the fog lifted and was nice and sunny. People that live no doubt can't stand the gloomiest type of weather, since we're from Las Vegas it was enjoyable because we never get this.

After coming out of the desert into this, it was great. Just what the doctor ordered. The Redwood Forest was a real bonus for our fishing trip.

 We visited the Red Wood Forest

Then came the most important moment on our trip for us. It was time to go Salmon fishing, this was a Salmon fishing trip for us, it was what we came here to do. It wasn't a time to guess about how to work the water, where to throw the line, what type of line use, what type of poles and reels would do the job, what type of bait, or where on the Klamath River would be the best place to fish.

It was time to get help, it was time for a guide and I knew in order to get the very best experience we needed to hire one of the local guides, which we did.

As seen below. This guy spends his life fishing, he's here every day, he knows the walk of the land. He actually lives in Southern Oregon and drives down here to the Northern Californian, Klamath River, to help others catch fish - He was our fishing guide. He was prepared for the worst and prepared for the best. He had the nerve to charge us $125 - 1/2 day - per person. We rented this guy for two - 1/2 days. Ok, I spent $500 on a 2 day fishing trip.

How did we do?

The answer lays in the face of some sweet 30lbs of Salmon we were able to bring home...

It has been a few years since we made this trip together but I can remember it like yesterday. He was a great guide that helped us achieve what we wanted most. I can still remember this man running to the front of the boat to pee in a Folgers coffee container then dump it out into the river. I can still remember the services he provided, like this awesome boat, the poles, the bait, how and where we fished the waters.

A guide helps you achieve what you came to achieve - a good time -  a memory.

A guide knows the layout of the land and helps you to forget about the pressures of doing it right the first time.

I can still remember the services, a guide cares about the interest of his clients and goes all the way.

I can sill remember the one that got away, most likely over 30lbs, no joke.

Now that I paid this man, (our guide) to help me out on our first Salmon Fishing excursion, would I hire him again, or would I head out on my own trying to figure it all out?

I definitely spent my money in the right place. I didn't have to buy everything, like a boat, poles, bait, lures and everything else that comes along with the needs of our fishing expedition. It was all part of our package - rent it - give it back - done - enjoyed!

I share this story with you because, the fact is, you can head out on your own and possibly find the locations we'll share with you on our guided motorcycle tours. Or, like fishing trips perhaps not.

The choice is yours...

You can use good instincts and trust us to guide you into the best areas, the finest roads of exploration and enjoy them in the least amount of time. I can't tell you the amount of hours we spend researching, and driving to find just the right place to take people. It's a daily job that we work all day doing, every day, seven days a week. We ask, is it a place we'd enjoy staying and traveling through? What are the options? What months of the year would support it? It's not just the areas to enjoy but the planning, the gas, the hotels, emergency needs, contingency plans, packing, the gadgets, the weather until that day arrives when we can say - mount up.


Because... WE ARE YOUR guides, and desire to achieve for you what we are being paid to help you achieve. We aren't just a couple folks being paid a dollar or two to take our VVMT customers on a tour for a couple of days. We own the company and were also your guides, taking direct responsibility to ensure everything from A to Z is the best experience we can make for customers. There are no clicks of bikes, or bikers, no favoritism being played with motorcycles, nor riders, nor race, nor sex, nor nationalistic pride of any sorts, nor color, nor creed, nor class, nor age. We enjoy the tours as much as our customers, who knows, perhaps even more and we certainly want EVERYONE to feel at home, welcomed and our friend.

VVMT Tours will provide an earth shaking experience, a memory, a relaxing atmosphere, a good time - no, in fact a great time that you'll consider to be one of the nicest vacations ever...

Panguitch Lake

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