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Single Day

1 Day - Northwest Mountains Tour -
Northwest Mountain Tour - 130+ Miles About 6 Hours

1 Day - Hoover Dam Discovery Tour
Hoover Dam Discovery Tour - 100 Miles About 6 Hours

1 Day - Premiere Valley Tour -MOST POPULAR SINGLE
Premiere Valley Tour - 180+ Miles About 7 Hours

1 Day - Southwest Mining Tour
Southwest Mining Tour - 296+ Miles About 9 / 10 Hours


3 Days / 2 Nights
Light of Bryce Tour - 650+ Miles

3 Days / 2 Nights
High Desert Plains Tour - 800+ Miles

3 Days / 2 Nights - BEST 3 DAY RIDE!
Empire Canyons Tour - 750+ Miles

2 Days / 1 Night
Zion's Hidden Treasure - 500+ Miles

3 Days / 2 Nights
Zion's Hidden Treasure - 650+ Miles

3 Days / 2 Nights
Southern Utah's Wilderness Journey - 800+ Miles - (Seasonal)

Areas of Interest: Custom Group Tours
Bryce Canyon, Cedar Canyon, Capital Reef, Dixie National Forest, Grand Canyon North Rim, South Rim, Cedar Breaks, Eagle Valley, Zion National Park, West Zion Park, Historical Route 66, Sedona, Mining Town, Red Rock Canyon, Toiyabe National Forest, Valley of Fire, Hoover Dam, Oatman, California Cost, Redwoods, Sierras, Death Valley.

  • 2013 - Riding Season is over. However, there are detailed maps, free,  in the forum of every single one of these tours. Enjoy!
  • Contact Us for any questions.

Also, see the simple reminders of what to bring beside clothing. We've put a few suggestions together below. Some of which is related to multi-day tours, single day tours, cooler and warmer weather.
Single Day Tour Gear Suggestions
These are just a few suggestions of what you may want to have, what you may need and what you should have for the guided single day tours.

Really, all you need is a motorcycle drivers license, bike, helmet and eye protection but there's lots of reading and exploration to consider on this page.

  • Eye Protection - Required: Required by law.
  • Helmets - Required: D.O.T. Required by law.
  • OPTIONS BELOW..........
  • Rain Gear: Has it rained in Vegas the day of a tour? Yes... Most likely this is one thing you won't have to worry about in Vegas, it rarely ever rains. In the event that it does so significantly, we can either reschedule, wear (your own) rain gear or just go for it. Being from out of town, you'll most likely not have the proper gear for this. So, we do offer a rain check but the motorcycle rental agencies will not offer you one, even though some say they will. VVMT has never rescheduled a tour because of weather. If you book a single day tour, keep an eye on the weather though.
  • Gloves - Optional: For winter, thicky types of leather gloves with finger tips. For summer - Any kind of riding glove will do, gloves with armor are best. I'll never forget a gal from Australia that showed up with a pair of knitted mittens headed to our Northwest Mountains in December, poor little lamb. :whistling:
  • Jackets - Optional: Men / Women - Not required but we ourselves wear'em year round with armor. Should you wear one? Some draft types are for summer and leather types for winter and some these same types are equipped with armor. Jackets aren't just a weather issue, they provide protection from bugs and worse yet, the pavement. Layering is an option.
  • Riding Headwear - Optional: Balaclavas that cover the neck area are a very good idea, especially in the colder riding months. It doesn't seem to matter what season it is though, there's always cold spots on the road. What do we use? Schampa Tall Neck Dickie, a fleece type of material. It goes right on and off as needed and keeps the wind from coming down inside the jacket and off the neck. We are not fans of facemasks or full headed balaclavas or bandannas, but this is up to the riders.
  • Pants / Shorts: At the riders discretion, one or the other is optional. Keep in mind, Harley's are VERY hot between your legs and just the slightest little touch or graze against the pipe on the side of your leg will take off every bit of skin - "Nothing worse than having to get hit in the head with the same 2x4 like 3 times now". Long pants of some sort would be a better decision. :banghead:
  • Shirts: Once again, this is worn or not worn at the riders discretion. The sun, wind and bugs will be your enemy here.
  • Boots - Optional: Most of the time we ourselves wear some type of boot. Please do not wear sandals OF ANY KIND. Tennis shoes will work for something light.
Multi-Day / Custom Tour Suggestions
What you need, what's desired and what will fit on a motorcycle is a balancing act, that's for sure. If it's a custom tour you're on, a chaser vehicle for the storage of other gear will be most helpful. For the rest of us, we suggest keeping it light as possible since most of our time is going to be spent on our bikes. Most of the room, which isn't much will most likely be used for the things mentioned below.

First: Read everything suggested above for one day trips, then the few suggestions below. Just suggestions...

For Multiday Tours: Read On... :clap:

We use heated gear, like heated liners for men or women. Liner types are available from gloves to vest liners, pant liners, socks and insoles with the better lot coming from either TourMaster (our pick) or FirstGear and reasons, which are many can read about at the heated liners review. At least the heat aspect of these type of liners is an option if needed. Some of the stuff is warm enough without having the heat cranked up at all. Sometimes when climbing up and down elevations at 10,000 ft or another measure of 3,050 meters, we jump in and out of gear.

  • Rain Gear: You can find rain-gear just about anywhere. It's good to get the kind that is meant for riding motorcycles so you can tighten up around your waist, wrist and ankles. - Frogg-Toggs are a good and only about $30. This is a must...
  • Gloves: At least keep 2 sets, warm nice thicky ones and some thinner types.
  • Eye Protection: If wearing just sunglasses, dark goggles or a dark face mask and if riding at night, and often riders do, it will be challenging to see the road. So, bring both clear and/or tinted not just tinted. While you can see cars and so forth at night driving down the road with tinted-whatevers, it's much more difficult to see animals like an Elk, which stepped in front me with this exact scenario.
Jackets vs Layers
Dressing in layers is often much easier to deal with if an adjustment needs to be made for body temperature during long travels up and down the mountains, which often happens and of course cheaper. Temperatures in the Las Vegas area will vary by season but we are not always in Las Vegas. At times, we traverse mountain tops of 10,000+ foot elevations (even in Vegas) / 3050 meters, therefore, rain and snow are always a possibility. Along the tops of mountains come colder temperatures. We ride year-in, year-out, winter and summer, so we must dress appropriately.

Warm clothing will make an enjoyable difference in cooler weather. There is a term for being cold on a motorcycle, it's nothing extravagant; it's called motorcycle-cold. It's a deep coldness deep within your bones that takes hours to warm up. Most of the time, from Vegas to local-areas, layers are good enough. If we are talking about our overnighters, layers may not work. Dressing into many layers will be hard to drive and is uncomfortable. Some of the thermal stuff from a brand called, "Hot Chillys" is good for layering, which is a fleece type of undergarment.

Las Vegas Area Tour Layering - Winter

Top Bottoms Gloves
Thermal Top Thermal Undergarment Thicky Ones
* Leather Jacket with a liner / Armored Thermal bottoms  
* Fleece Neck Warmer Solid Leather Pants, not Chaps / Armored  
  • Winter Suggestions: Armor protective jacket with a thermal top and t-shirt should due it. Levis, thermal underwear, full leather pants or chaps for bottoms and protective thick gloves for winter - like snow gloves. You can get a large t-shirt and cut a sleeve out of it OR both the sleeves and pull this over your head, tucking the extra material around your neck and up on to your nose and chin - stretched loosely. This should keep your ears, and face fairly warm with a full face helmet. The next best thing for winter riding is electric liners under protective clothing.
  • Helmet: Depending on the temperature, winter I wear a full-face with a smoked visor. Summer, a helmet with a full smoked visor. Rental helmets comes as an open face helmet or on a limited bases a closed face helmet.
  • Motorcycle Jackets: Should you wear one? Your jacket is the next most important piece of equipment to pay attention to. Why? Because of many vital organs, limbs, elbows, shoulders, back and chest. Your jacket should have some type of protective armor around the back, chest, elbows, shoulders. The jacket I wear has double armor and ventilation ducts. It gives you sense of security as well. It should be one that can go clear up and button around your neck for cold weather in the winter, or a draft jacket for summer. Even though it may seem odd for summer rides, it not only protects organs but protects from over-exposure to the sun.
icon icon
Vented With Armor
Men / Women
Cruiser Jackets
Men / Women
icon icon
Heated Liners - LOVE THEM
Men / Women
Cruiser Jackets W/Liners
Men / Women
Hand Picked Men's - Women's Motorcycle Jackets



This is a jacket can be worn in Hot Weather and easily in cooler weather when its chilly and has armor for men or women. My wife has a black & red one and I own the cool pure black one ;o) and been wearing them for years.
  • Armor-Link 2 Mesh material combines with 600 Denier Carbolex to create a protective garment that provides exceptional airflow
  • Comfortable, mandarin-style collar
  • 360 Phoslite reflective piping and Tour Master's signature reflective rear triangle help increase nighttime visibility
  • The Microfiber lined collar and cuffs are soft yet durable
  • Adjustable sleeve take-up straps; hook and loop at the forearm and elastic snap at the bicep help to secure elbow armor and material
  • Removable, CE Approved armor at the elbow and shoulder with an articulated Triple Density back protector
  • Includes connections for the optional Tour Master Aquatherm Liner
  • Zippered chest map pocket, hand warmer pockets, internal pouch pocket and mobile media pocket
  • Adjustable waist belts, with TPR pulls help to fine tune the fit
  • Includes a jacket/pant.

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Look at those pipes, just ready to brand her!

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Motorcycle Gadgets For Traveling
I have a lot of gadgets for traveling, some I just bought because I wanted to try it out, others I thought I had a need for it, and still another, just wanted to through money out the window.

Nevertheless, I now have a large bag full of stuff - not all them are useless.

I just took off my helmet to show you guys some of this stuff...

Face Mask - Neoprene - Great for helmets with an open face - Ebay - $8 - Hey you never know, I may want to rob a bank someday, if so, I have a slew of face mask.

I love this Mask but with a full face helmet never get a chance to wear it.

Helps when you have a face only a Mother could love. I would never wear this plastic thing riding. It would have be some-kinda-cold to get me in one these ;)

Neoprene Face Mask


Here it is with a leather du-rag on top of it. The Darth Vader look.... phew.

Riding Headwear - I actually do like this but can't breath, so...

Full Leather Face Mask - $9 - RockinUp Leather - If it was blistering cold you might wear something like this going down the highway. You can't breath from the nostril area as it's just to small. On the positive side of this thing, Not one drop of air can get inside the helmet with this thing coming out of the bottom, including air you need to breath ;). I was soooo happy to have this on a 600 mile ride where the night weather was mid thirties.

Leather - Face Mask

Du-Rag - Everyone that drives a bike has one of these - Why? I don't know. I guess if your hair is a real mess like mine at the moment, it's good to hide the helmet hair. Of course, if you live in an area where you don't have to wear a helmet it would be cool. Another thing, if you don't have any hair it might keep you feeling tight n right :)

For some reason, I can't get myself to wear one of these in public to often...

Du-Rag - $9 - eBay


Las Vegas Valley Motorcycle Tours

Neck Wraps - 15" Fleece


Head Band - Fleece - eBay - Came with a Neck Warmer


Motorcycle Gloves - Thicky Ski Glove


Motorcycle Gloves - Armor Coated - Enough Room For A Liner

Las Vegas Motorcycle Store
has lots of other great stuff for riding...

Also, see the simple reminders of what to bring besides clothing.


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