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At the end of our 2013 riding season we've made a decision to launch a V.I.P. membership self guided format that will be located in our forums by 2014 season. The forums will include every tour, both multi-day and daily with photos, maps and thoughts about the trips and what to look for.

Currently, and until then we have (2) basic maps below of our most popular daily.

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1.) Explore one or all of our specific tours on your own, any way you'd like for just a few dollars.

2.) Standard PDF files

3.) 24 hour link for immediate download / Zip Files

4.) Interactive Google Map with points of interest and photos - (Internet Required)

5.) Printable directions to points of interest

6.) Where to Go / What do Do / Where to Rent / Precautions / Simple to Use

7.) Satisfaction OR Money Back....

Premiere Valley Tour: About 180 Miles or 290 Kilometers / 7 to 8 Hours / $14.95: Click Add To Cart >
Northwest Mountain Tour: About 120 Miles or 110 Kilometers / 6 Hours / $9.95: Click Add To Cart >

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