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FALL / WINTER - Vegas Riding

PostPosted: Thu Nov 11, 2010 12:25 pm
by vvmt
People living in the snow often shut it down for the season when comes to riding and rightly so, out comes the Battery Tender and she sets for winter season.

What if your making a trip to Las Vegas? Where's a few great places to ride? Here are a couple of suggestions.

First... If you're thinking about the Grand Canyon... anywhere, take a car, it just gets way to cold and the trip is 700 hundred miles. We did the trip a few years ago, taking 2 or 3 days and on the way back rode through the middle of the night in mid-30's temps. Even with electric gear we froze. An hour or two is one thing but several hours is another, for us anyway. So, no Grand Canyon and the North Rim is closed anyway come December 1st. Why? Snow and unmaintained roads. If your thinking about Sedona, once again check the weather... If you must hit the Grand Canyon between December and April, make it the south side.

Next... Avoid Southern Utah many of the canyons are closed, roads are black ice and weather is ridged. This isn't an absolute, places such as Zion has some areas in the cooler months you cannot go in during the seasonal periods. Regardless, you really have to check weather and road conditions, especially if considering Bryce and of course Zion Park.

So, being in the geographical area of Las Vegas what's left? Below are time frames to the area.

* Area 51 - NV

* Calico Ghost Town - CA (Oatman would possibly be a better choice)

* Southwest Mining Town - AZ

* Death Valley - CA - 2 Hours Furnace Creek

* Hoover Dam - NV - 1 Hour

* Valley of Fire - NV - 1 Hour

* Premiere Valley Tour - 8 Hours - (Around Vegas)

* Eagle Valley - NV -3 hours

* Lake Mead Recreation Area - 1 / 2 Hours Route Dependent

* Red Rock - NV - 30 Minutes

* Toyiabe National Forest - NV - 1 Hour

* Lake Havasu - 3 Hours

* Oatman -3 Hours

* Calico Ghost Town - Google Map - 2 Hours

* Jean / Primm Nevada - Google Map - 1 Hour

Re: FALL / WINTER - Vegas Riding

PostPosted: Wed Dec 10, 2014 11:53 pm
by sarrennn
I appreciate your great knowledge about the FALL / WINTER - Vegas Riding. I note down the all information in my diary. It will helpful for my uncle who are planning to visit the Grand canyon. Its quiet beneficial for their visit to make the visit more adventurous. Any suggestions that you think make the uncle's visit full of fun would be much appreciated there.