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Michelin Road Pilot 2 CT's - Dual Compond Tires - Review

PostPosted: Fri Mar 26, 2010 5:01 pm
by vvmt
We'll see how the Michelin Road 2 Pilot CT's do for the next set of tires. These have the new dual compound, hard in the center and soft on the edges. Most street bikes wear down square in the middle because of the highway mileage, so we'll see if Michelin has fixed the issue. Bridgestone and others have dual compounds now.

I don't know if we should love the look of tires but I was on the fence with these to start off with but the grew on me. I like the long sweeping lines which believe would be good for splitting highway water.

Here's our starting mileage for the Road Pilot CT's

Ahh.... New Tires, can't wait to use them - Don't you love the smell of a new pair of meats?




Sweet Looking Treads!

04/22/2011 UPDATE: I have about 3,000 miles already. The rubber is HARD in the center. When I get on it, mostly it just spins. If you want to blirp a small wheelie, it needs to be on purpose - clutched. I've had them close to the edge in canyons, they ride great. I'm very pleased with the wear n tear, so far no flat space even starting in the center of the tire from highway mileage.

11/07/2011 UPDATE: At this time I've put a total of 5,390 miles on the tires. I would take a photo but why? They still like new, no signs of ANY squaring off or any wear. I still think they are a bit on the slippery side.

However, I have noticed the new Road Pilot 3 CT's-Rear - 17's & Front - 17's appear to have put some small slits in between the longer sweeping lines and guessing this is going to offer a little more street traction in the city. Hopefully...

05/30/2012: I now have 9,000 miles on the tires, they are just now starting to show signs of wear, such as squaring from highway miles. I'm guessing we'll get about 14,000 miles out of them. Next update will be when they are ready to be replaced with photos.