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Las Vegas Valley Motorcycle Guided Tours - Grand Canyon Motorcycle Roads

Tour Questions

Q: Do you provide guides on these tours?
A: As of 2013 end of season, we no longer provide guides or hire out.

Q: How old do I have to be to go on a tour?
A: You must be at least 21 years old to rent. Why? Rental companies have minimum age of riders, passengers aren't a problem.

Q: Can I check my email or cell phone messages while on these tours?
A: Most cell phones work any where on the road. Certain valleys and remote areas are a problem but they mostly work.

Q: What is the weather going to be like on a Tour?
A: Uh.... ok, Weather is weather so check the forecast. It's not just rain & snow that create problems for groups, it's wind and temperature. Keep an eye on the news prior to any upcoming visits and have a contingency.

Q: How many miles do we ride each day?
A: Depends on the tour, rarely less than 130 and rarely more than 400 on multiday. The longest single day is 340 Miles.

Dressing For a Motorcycle Tour

Q: What kind of cloths and stuff do I bring?
A: What to Wear - What to Bring

Single Day & Multiday Tours

Ride for yourself, pull in traffic for yourself, turn for yourself, shift for yourself. :)


Custom Guided Tours

Q: Could you work out a trip for us?

We would be more than happy to do that. IN FACT WE WOULD LOVE to work up a custom tour for your group on the specific dates you have in mind. All of our custom tours include most everything but refundable deposits, insurance and gas and oil or trinkets, drivers and so forth.

Minimum Days: (10) Ten

If we are to supply any personnel for a chaser vehicle, pulling a trailer and/or a guide this would also be extra including, guide bike, rooms and meals for personnel.

  • Guide: $400 Per Day + Guide Bike + Insurance + Gas + Hotel Rm + Meals
  • Chaser Vehicle Driver: $400 Per Day + Hotel Rm + Insurance + Meals
  • Development: $400 Per Day + $1500 up front cost to initiate planning.

What's Included in Planning? No easy task....

  • Lodging Plans
  • Bike Plans
  • Rider Itinerary of the Day
  • (1) Guide - If desired - Extra $
  • (1) Van Chaser vehicle - Driver Extra if desired $
  • (1) Chaser Vehicle - Trailer Extra if desired $
  • (1) Extra Motorcycle On Trailer if desired - Extra $
  • Terms & Conditions paperwork for everyone
  • Daily breakfast plans
  • Kick-off meal plan if desired
  • Park fee plans
  • Parking fees plans

Still Under Custom Tours: Riding Area Suggestions

  1. Option: Las Vegas to the California coast, Red Wood Forest, Yosemite National Park, Yellow Stone, High Sierras.
  2. Option: Las Vegas to Arizona Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, Bryce, Eagle Valley, Mining towns and various road trails.
  3. Option: Las Vegas to Southern Utah, Colorado Rockies, Arizona with some of the above.

These could easily turn into weeks.

Alternatives depend on the time of year. Some very nice highways are in the mix here, best-in-the-nation and we've put plenty of rubber down on all of them.

How can we initiate the procedure? Contact Us

Q: What can you expect from these type of plans?

  1. Tour Captain pay for all cost to book rooms, bikes in appropriate stages of planning.
  2. Each rider & passenger should completely fill out - terms and conditions and the waver. A roster of the riders and passengers must be give to us by the group captain.
  3. We'll provide a location by which you'll convene for our kick-off dinner. You'll pass out maps and introduce yourself and talk about the trip. You'll have picked up your bikes the afternoon prior to the tour because we'll be leaving early the next morning.
  4. What to wear - what to bring.
  5. The custom tour initiative can be paid for via Google Checkout / PayPal.

Still Under Custom Tours: Other Common Questions

Q: What if I have my own bike, can I save money or must rent one?
A: Any rider that has his bike transported in or drives it in can save some money. Further on the subject, if you have a bike transported in must be here to claim it and store it. Transport should have a place until you pick it up. Would you really want someone messing with your bike though? It will save you approximately $150 per day on rental, $25 a day on insurance and a refundable deposit..

Q: Should they stay with the group at all times?
A: You can take alternate routes or split from the group as long as this will not result in a change of schedule / itinerary for the rest of the group. So far we've never had anyone that wanted to part from their newly made friends and ride on their own.

Q: Do you drive in a group, like ducks?
A: That depends what you mean by driving in a group. We sort of stay together with 50 to a 100 yards between each rider, when traveling down the highway. Although fun to do, we don't encourage a 2x2 riding formations due to the hazards for which most people are not prepared for, nor should anyone to feel uncomfortable about this. In this type of a tour, long ducks-in-a-row style seems to work the best and most people enjoy this type of atmosphere for group riding. If you want to safely speed up ahead, that is up to you, meet you along the path of our day, so feel free to ride at your own pace. All in the group will ride at there own pace keeping an eye on the rider behind them. It is the most important aspect of riding.

Ride for yourself, pull in traffic for yourself, turn for yourself, shift for yourself. :)


Q: What if we would like your help with a group tour?
A: We don't mind doing custom group work, see above. Contact us for further information.


Motorcycle Rental Information

  1. Q: Is the cost of the rental included in the tour?
    A: No, this is a low separate cost from the tour.
  2. Q: About how much is the rental?
    A: Around $130 plus insurance $25, tax 8.5%, environmental fee $7, reservation fee $10.
  3. Q: Do I need a motorcycle drivers license to take part in a guided tour?
    A: Yes, a valid motorcycle driver license is mandatory to take part in a guided tour or rent any motorcycle if you're the driver. Please see Terms & Conditions
  4. Q: What age must I be to rent a motorcycle?
    A: You must be at least 21 years of age to rent a motorcycle.
  5. Q: Where do I pickup the motorcycle?
    A: This information will be provided after the tour is booked and paperwork completed. The information will contain other details of the tour.
  6. Q: Do you drop off & pickup the motorcycle?
    A: No. If you'll be staying within 7 miles of the shop, which is fairly close to the strip, you can be picked up from certain rental companies. Most riders just take a taxi.
  7. Q: Paperwork: When does all the paperwork need to be completed?
    A: "terms and conditions" along with the "waiver" has been signed and returned by all participants prior to the tour date. This can be emailed.
  8. Q: What type of drivers license is accepted to rent a motorcycle?
    A: Regular motorcycle endorsement on your license. GERMAN 1A Licenses are accepted. Please note upon reservation. TRIKE Rentals require a only a car license out of Las Vegas, NV.
  9. Q: Must I wear a Helmet in Nevada?
    A: Yes, but not a legal issue in Utah or Arizona. Helmets are required by law and must be worn by all participants of the tour, including passengers, and are included in the price of the rental for both rider and passenger. These are open face helmets. We require helmets for ANY tour.
  10. Q: When will I pick up the bike?
    A: You MUST pick up the rental the night PRIOR of the actual tour date, around 3:30pm or so. This way you can return it the day of the tour in the afternoon without going over. We leave 1 to 3 hours earlier then the shop opens, depending on the time of year. This doesn't mean an extra day rental and isn't any extra money. Rentals are for 24 hour periods.

Motorcycle Types: A variety of makes, such as trikes and cruisers, sport cruisers. Brands of Honda, Harley Davidson, and BMW. There's some great BMW's on hand. We use one agency for our rentals and we rely heavily on them running sound and of course looking good. Trikes are $140 more per day (If you haven't driven one, they are a struggle to drive but require only a car license). We do not suggest choppers on these long hauls nor will we haul around cans of gas for them in the chaser. There's no place to rent street bikes in Las Vegas, the closest thing would be BMW sport cruiser. If someone needs to be along with the group, we'll consider a convertible in luau of a bike rental.

There are around 19 models to choose from and some are upgrades, such as BMW, Harley Davidson and Trikes. These are up to the riders.

Motorcycle Rental - What's Included / What's Involved?

What to Expect When Picking Up the Motorcycle Rental - In Person.

  • Refundable Credit Card Deposit - $500 - $2000 - Trikes are more
  • Insurance - $25 or so per day
  • Jackets - Leather Jackets are 1st come first serve and $10 Per Day Rental
  • These particular items are paid for when you pick up the bike.
  • We'll provide further information on the rentals during registration.

Motorcycle Driving

Q: Can you drive us around on a guided tour?
A: This is self-drive. In other words you drive the bike following a guide.

Q: Should we require certain experience to participate on a tour?
A: These are not training tours, we would suggest a few years under a belt.

For your own safety and level of comfort we recommend that you do have at least enough experience that riding a motorcycle around a corner doesn't scare you. That you can hold YOUR OWN LANE and keep up with traffic. Some interstate speeds are 75mph in areas.

The participant should be at least an intermediate rider, with a few thousand miles under his/her belt. You'll traverse many conditions. Some of which could include rain & snow, especially when going over the top of mountain passes, hair-pin corners, grades, twisties with short and long curved roads, gullies most all typical road conditions. You should be able to ride a bike through 50mph cross winds. We are just saying that it would be for the best if you had some experience with various elements.

You must be able to control a bike when a sudden stop is eminent, such as the guide making a turn and can't see him/her because of the guy in front of you OR FOLLOWING TO CLOSELY. This has been an issue. You should be able to use the front and back brake properly, especially in a corner, a flat tire or stopping in gravel or sand and no how to swerve quickly.

Ok... this isn't you're first rodeo.

So it really depends on the destination and roads therein for what we may be contending with.

We've done 600 mile tours in a day running through 30 and 40 degree weather. The days can be about 250 / 380 miles per day, depending on the trip. You'll always have a day to put down some miles.

Q: How much luggage should we bring?
A: As much as you can carry on YOUR OWN bike comfortably and safely, unless we have a chaser vehicle and then it's one suitcase.

Q: Should we wear a helmet?
A: For your own safety we require you to wear a helmet at all times when riding on the tour, on the motorcycles, including passengers, so does state law in Nevada.

Q: Do I need to bring my own helmet?
A: Helmets are provided for riders and passengers as part of the rental fees. Personally, I like having a helmet that hasn't been on a lot of other peoples heads.

Q: What bike is best if riding with passengers?
A: Most comfortable bikes for passengers are Electra Glide, Road Glide, Road King and Heritage Softail, Goldwing; Goldwings are the most comfortable it seems. Any other Harley model is not recommended if you ride with a passenger. Typically, if your renting a bike, take a taxi over to the rental outfit or ask if they can pick you up. Usually, if you are within 7 miles of the office, can pick you up.

Q: Do all bikes have windshields, do I need one?
A: Most of the cruisers have windshields but not all. It's not just the matter of warding off blasting hot air in the summer and ice-cold air in the winter but works nicely against stones, large bugs, birds and other flying objects from off the road.

Q: What if I get into some sort of a problem and need to stop?
A: Ride your own pace and if you need to make an extra stop, make it and catch up to the group. We have plenty of stops. If needed you can pull in front of the group and put on a blinker to pull over, this isn't a problem at all unless dangers conditions are prevalent.

Updated: 11/15/2013


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