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BOOKMARK this site as you'll no doubt want to take advantage of these premiere motorcycle tours originating out of the Las Vegas area. Providers offer 19 Models from among BMW, Harley Davidson and Honda motorcycle rentals.

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Las Vegas Entertainment

When folks come to Las Vegas, they LOVE to be entertained, most however look toward the hotels, shows, perhaps even traditional outdoor recreational themes, camping and/or tours. Many have looked to our wedding information services for "Wedding Chapel Arrangements". If you're coming to Las Vegas for traditional entertainment, by all means, enjoy Yourself! We've been providing a venue for "Las Vegas Travel" from one of our very popular web sites since 1994 - lvindex. You'll find the web site loaded with hundreds of pages of Las Vegas Recreational Content.

We would also like to point out that there's no need in getting shackled into the "traditional night-life" of Las Vegas. If you do, you'll truly be missing out on some of the finest "Outdoor Recreational Areas" in the world! Just think; for the cost of a show or two, you could be enjoying our "Las Vegas Area" in a special way! When you've spent your last dime high-lighting the marquees across the major hotels in gaming, food and a carousal of entertainment - what will you remember the most? What will have brought the most joy, peace, and inner calm to your stay?

We're sure you can relate to the feeling of a great ride. All the daily cares, struggles and problems are set aside.

Not just trips down the interstate to some luxurious destination. The areas around Las Vegas are magnificent journeys, ranging from a couple hours to 3 or 4 days. Touring the highways... ARE the destination. These riding areas are designed for those who love to ride off the beaten paths, for those who love spectacular scenery, twisties, mountainous journeys across canyons, cliffs and forest. There are moments we need quality time for ourselves and our mates, something to help us forget about the overwhelming problems of static daily living, allowing ourselves to become part of something special. Our Tours will help you achieve just that! You'll be hooked and back in our loacal area time after time to explore ALL the suggested journeys.

Motorcycle roads of Las Vegas can be found in short distance to areas of our Northwest Mountains, Hoover Dam, Valley of Fire, Mining Towns, and Zion National Park with a variety of affordable price ranges for just a day. Riders looking for short overnights, we have several affordable multiday trips. Additionally, we provide custom tours built from the ground up going to the most sought-after geological areas of the southwest.

Why? Just 4 the Ride!

Day Trips - BELOW

Northwest Mountain Tour

Toiyabe National Forest & Spring Valley Recreational Area - 3/4 DAY!

The Northwest Mountain Cruise originates out of Las Vegas, Nevada. These motorcycle roads take you deep into Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest and Wilderness of the Spring Mountain National Recreational areas. You're looking at about 130 Miles and 6 hours of climbing to 10,000 ft of a 12,000 ft summit. Weather sensitive and COLD in the winter months. All you need to make a fun 3/4 day enjoyable trip.

Mount Charleston - 10,000 Ft Summit Mount Charleston Self Guided Tours Mount Charleston Self Guided Tours
Premiere Valley Tour

This self guided motorcycle tour takes you around the Boulder Basin of Lake Mead Recreational Area, Lake Las Vegas, North and South Shores, Hoover Dam, Valley of Fire and Muddy Mountain Area: This particular trip doesn't go down into the Dam, like the Hoover Dam Discovery Tour, so a lot of time isn't spent at the Dam. You'll visit Hoover Dam, get some photos, and move along on the tour into other areas. :clap:

Valley of Fire on a Haya Busa Lake Mead Recreational Self Guided Tours Valley of Fire Self Guided Motorcycle Tours
Hoover Dam Self Guided Motorcycle Tours of Las Vegas Hoover Dam Pictures - Lake Mead Lake Mead - Hoover Dam - Las Vegas Self Guided Tours
Hoover Dam Discovery Tour

This self guided motorcycle tour route takes you around Boulder Basin in Lake Mead Recreational Area to Hoover Dam. This tour goes down into the Dam on a Power Plant 30 minute walking tour with some other options. After the Dam, we'll get you going towards one of the largest concrete arch bridges in the western hemisphere, then grab something to eat and take the bike over to the S. Shores of Lake Mead. There's Helicopter Ride option as well!

Hoover Dam Self Guided Motorcycle Tours of Las Vegas Hoover Dam Pictures - Lake Mead Lake Mead Recreational Self Guided Tours Hoover Dam Helicopter Ride
Southwest Mining Tour :allalone:

The Southwest Mining Tour takes riders deep into the Mojave Desert Wilderness Area, crossing Laughlin, Historical Route 66 and back. This enjoyable trip revolves around geological locations from Las Vegas to Arizona. This is a long 1 day trip.

Mining Towns (Ghost) Oatman / Laughlin Motorcycle Tours Route 66 Motorcycle Tours Oatman Arizona Motorcycle Guided Tours
Empire Canyons Motorcycle Roads - Other Multiday Tours
This self guided motorcycle road trip starts off from Las Vegas for three days and two nights across the Dixie National Forest of Southern Utah and Kaibab National Forest of Northern Arizona. Yes, you'll visit the motorcycle roads of THE Grand Canyon North Rim AND the breath taking beauty of Bryce Canyon extensively AND optional Zion National Park.

Motorcycle Roads of Grand Canyon North Rim

Bryce Canyon

Zion National Park


What's the difference between a Multi-Day Tour and Custom Tours? :allalone:

Multiday Tours will need minimal planning and more than one day to accomplish the ride, and that can also be done in 2 or 3 days (facts). 3 day suggested self guided tours are much more economical for the average rider and smaller groups. Generally, they are tours for those with a bit of experience, and for those having an extended visit in Las Vegas. The self-guided tours move down the motorcycle roads of Arizona, California, Nevada and Southern Utah. You'll find yourselves passing along places of interest such Bryce Canyon, Cedar Canyon, Capital Reef, Dixie National Forest, Grand Canyon North Rim, South Rim, Cedar Breaks, Eagle Valley, Zion National Park, West Zion Park, Historical Route 66, Sedona, Mining Town, Toiyabe National Forest, Valley of Fire, Hoover Dam, Oatman and coastal areas of southern and northern California. While it's true, these are great places to visit, there are a variety of very nice motorcycle roads to enjoy and some that will definitely test the riders skills and endurance.

Custom Tours are tours built from the ground up for larger type groups with a longer number of riding days that we can assist you with. See facts.

So, where would you like to go? How about a fast paced trip through canyons, 10,000 ft mountain summits, twisty roads and lots of other curvy styles. The views of buttes, vistas, open prairie, superb desert valleys, rock formations of every shape and color and of course coastal rides of the pacific ocean.  There are thousands of roads to choose from, we therefore target both roads and destinations that bring the greatest enjoyment for the riders.

These multiday and custom tours are the most sought after geological areas of recreation from the Las Vegas surrounding areas, states and cities and therefore specifically packaged for our customers enjoyment from the seat of a motorcycle.

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